Papa Murphy’s Coupons for October 2013

$2 Off Large or Family-Size. Deal expires October 31, 2013. Click here to print.

$8 Hawaiian or 2-topping pizza. Expires October 31, 2013. Click here to print.

$9 Choose your delite. Coupon expires October 31, 2013. Click here to print.

$2.00 off any large of family size pizza. This coupon expires October 31, 2013. Click here to print.

$10 Gourmet Chicken Garlic Pizza. Deal expires October 31, 2013. Click here to print.

$10 Cowboy Pizza. This coupon expires October 31, 2013. Click here to print.

$11 5-Meat Stuffed Pizza. Expires October 31, 2013. Click here to print.

$2 Off Online, use coupon code ’815′. Unknown expiration date.

50% off your second pizza with sign up. Unknown expiration date. Click here for more info.

Papa Murphys

About Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s offers customers something they call “love at 425 degrees.” It’s an apt description. While the pizza market is saturated with brands big and small, local and national, Papa Murphy’s helped pioneer a special niche — the take-and-bake pizza. Take-and-bake is exactly what it sounds like — you buy a pizza from Papa Murphy’s then bring it home and bake it yourself. A standard pizza takes about 12-to-15 minutes to bake. This guarantees optimal freshness — your pizza never gets cold.

All Papa Murphy’s ingredients are fresh. The dough is made fresh every day. The chain sells stuffed pizzas, signature pizzas such as gourmet vegetarian and Hawaiian and its trademarked deLITE line. deLITE pizzas, which are on the healthier and more creative side, include options such as chicken bacon artichoke and herb chicken Mediterranean.

Pizza orders can be made in store or called in ahead. Some Papa Murphy’s locations are equipped with drive-through windows. In addition to pizza, Papa Murphy sells cheesy bread, salads, soft drinks and desserts such as chocolate chip cookie dough, s’mores pizza and cinnamon wheels.

The Vancouver, Washington-based company was formed in 1981 and brought the first take-and-bake concept to the market. Papa Murphy’s growth since then has been substantial. Papa Murphy’s is the fifth-largest pizza chain in the United States and has 1,380 franchised and corporate stores. The chain operates in the U.S., Canada and the United Arab Emirates. Revenues last year were estimated at $800 million.

Papa Murphy’s has received numerous awards. The awards include the Consumer’s First Choice Award, Zagat’s number-one pizza chain rating and Pizza Today magazine’s chain of the year honor — which Papa Murphy’s has won several times. Forbes also listed Papa Murphy’s as one of its “best franchises for the buck” in 2011.

Where to Find Papa Murphy’s Coupons

Save on Papa Murphy’s pizza with using a coupon for your next Papa Murphy’s purchase. Customers who use coupons for Papa Murphy’s purchases save an average of $4.00 on their orders. With a little bit of digging via online it is easy to unearth various coupons. Coupons to save on this take and bake pizza can be regularly found right in the mailbox, so it is good to always keep an eye out for them. However, the easiest way to keep up with coupons being offered from Papa Murphy‘s, though, are straight from Papa Murphy’s themselves! By joining their eClub not only do you get gifted with cookie dough on your birthday, but you will also continuously throughout the year receive special offers and coupons sent just for eClub members to use. Papa Murphy’s also has coupon offer option consumers can choose to have their coupons delivered right onto their smart phone via text message.

Saving money on this delicious pizza can commonly be done through the method of matching coupons up with sales or deals. If you are craving Papa Murphy’s and need a coupon now, while waiting in between direct offers from Papa Murphy’s- there are plenty of printable coupons that can be found on the web for your specific area. Visiting a variety of websites can be fruitful in coming up with a coupon that can be put to good use right away. Finding coupons to use is relatively easy and with a little bit of exploring the current sales or deals being offered, get ready to enjoy some pretty sweet savings.